Ridges on Coins

Ridges on Coins.

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The Roused Bear

The Roused Bear blog is about a lot of things, but much of it is about a single species of butterfly, Oarisma poweshiek or the Poweshiek skipper.  The butterfly was named after the county in which it was discovered, and after Chief Poweshiek, a Native American leader (Meskwaki or Fox) who resided in Iowa from about 1800 until the 1850’s.

Occasionally stuff intended for the Roused Bear site ends up here.  I no longer post to this site.

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I will be quitting this blog in favor of “the Roused Bear” blog. See you there.

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Help is on the way

As I sat on my porch last night I was a food source for a number of mosquitos. This damselfly landed and made short work of one of them. Damselflies have aquatic larvae that eat small aquatic insects, including mosquitos.

Of course, most methods we have of killing mosquitos also kill damselflies.

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This is my first post. I plan a blog that will deal with nature, politics, and infrastructure on a local and national level. I live in Iowa so the “local” part of the equation is Iowa.

Nature has an infrastructure, as does politics. How that infrastructure works or does not work largely determines the trends that the systems take.

So that’s the theme. Please bear with me while I try to figure this whole thing out.

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